Welcome from the President of PANLAR

Dear friends in rheumatology,

We are living difficult times. To each one of us, the COVID19 pandemic has affected us in such a way that all our projects, our promises, our commitments for the year 2020 have changed. We all have had to adapt to this “new normality” to try to continue with our life, our activity and our mission. The situation is no different for organizations. PANLAR is adapting to this new situation, trying to continue with its mission and vision. Medical education in Rheumatology is central to the mission and vision of PANLAR, and for this reason we are not only continuing, but expanding and deepening our Medical education offers.

For PANLAR, continuing medical education though its annual Congress is essential. For this reason, PANLAR 2020 will be virtual, from 17 to 20 September 2020. Great changes are accompanied by great challenges. In this case, the challenge is to hold a virtual Congress that maintains scientific quality, the possibility of exchange and participation, and the spirit of community. We are working hard to achieve those goals, and we will very much need your help.

PANLAR 2020 virtual maintains its venue at the United States and we want to thank the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) for all its support in this new challenge.

Some things will turn out well, many will have to be improved, but what it´s certain is that this new virtual modality, exchanging experiences and knowledge is here to stay, and we should get the best of this circumstance and the knowledge we gain to improve its implementation in the future.

In my previous welcome letter, when the Congress was to be held in person, I said: “Create educational spaces, promote fraternal ties between rheumatologists from different countries, sponsor meeting places for members of the different study groups, and ease The communication of our own research are some of our main purposes for the sake of a practice of ethical, comprehensive rheumatology of high scientific and human quality ”. These purposes are maintained in our virtual format.

We wait for you on our VIRTUAL platform, from 17 to 20 September for the first virtual PANLAR congress in our history. We thank the support of all of you.

Let’s make this challenge for PANLAR one that will be remembered forever!

Enrique R. Soriano
President of PANLAR


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