III Pan American Congress of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases

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Fecha: 12-15  August  2020

* Enrollment is exclusive for Patients, family members and Patient Association leaders. Health professionals and students who are directly linked to Patient Associations may also participate, for example, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and interns from local associations and even universities.

** The participation of the pharmaceutical industry or other groups that are not listed in the previous section is not allowed.


Dear patient associations leaders:

We began organizing of the 3rd Pan-American Congress of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases, which will be held simultaneous to the activities of the 22nd Pan-American Congress of Rheumatology PANLAR 2020, to be held from August 12-15, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami, USA.

Pursuant to the decision taken by the executive committee of the 22nd Pan-American Congress of Rheumatology PANLAR 2020, the activities of the 3rd Pan-American Congress of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases shall be divided into two segments: on-site and online.

  • The on-site activities shall be addressed only to the leaders of rheumatic patient associations invited by PANLAR and also to the leaders that are able to participate with their own funds.
  • The online activities will be addressed to patients and will be streamed live through social networks, organized in simultaneous schedules for the different Pan-American countries.

PANLAR will be in charge of covering the invitations and the travel expenses for 13 guests: two leaders per Pan-American region and the patient leaders from the executive committee of this patient congress and of the PANLAR Grupo Juntos.

PANLAR shall issue an invitation letter to all the invited and non-invited leaders of PANLAR to request an American visa to participate in the activities of this congress. The requests for visa letters must be sent to the following PANLAR email: secretaria@panlar.org.


The 3rd Pan-American Congress of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases shall be held at:

400 South East Second Avenue
Miami, Florida, United States, 33131-2197
Phone: +1 305 358 1234
Hotel webpage

Who can participate?

The 3rd Pan-American Congress of Patients with Rheumatic Diseases is an activity with open participation. All leaders from rheumatic patient associations may participate.

The on-site activities are exclusive for patient leaders.

The pharmaceutic industry will not be allowed to participate.

Invitation letter to request a visa to travel to the United States?

The patient association leaders may request an invitation letter to the PANLAR office. For this matter, please complete the registration form and request your invitation letter to submit your U.S. visa application.

Will PANLAR offer logistics support for plain tickets, transfer, and accommodation?

According to what was approved by the executive committee of the PANLAR congress, 13 guests shall have full logistics support to participate in this event, which include two leaders per Pan-American region as well as the patient leaders of the executive committee of this patient congress and of PANLARs Grupo Juntos. In order to continue with the collaborative work between PANLAR and the patient groups initiated from the Grupo Juntos and the 1st Patient Congress, the executive committee has selected the following guests:

  1. Ana María Acosta (Uruguay)
  2. Cecilia Rodríguez (Chile)
  3. Daniel Hernández (USA)
  4. Emma Pinzón (Panama)
  5. Gina Ochoa (Colombia)
  6. Gonzalo Tobar Carrizo (Chile)
  7. Griselle Lugo (Puerto Rico)
  8. Jessica Knezevich (Ecuador)
  9. María Mercedes Rueda (Colombia)
  10. Priscila Torres (Brazil)
  11. Teresa Mártez (Dominican Republic)
  12. Tini Jordán (Argentina)
  13. Verónica Molinar Robles (Mexico)
Contact Email
Travel expenses, accommodation, and meals?

Cada participante (excepto los invitados por Panlar), deberá ser responsable de los gastos derivados de su viaje, alojamiento en hotel y alimentación. Panlar ofrecerá coffe break y alimentación en el horario del almuerzo durante las conferencias de pacientes líderes.

All participants (except those who have been invited by PANLAR), must cover their travel expenses, accommodation, and meals. PANLAR will offer coffee breaks and meals during lunch breaks at the patient leader’s conferences.

22nd Pan-American Congress of Rheumatology PANLAR 2020

Date: From August 12 to 15, 2020

The patient and doctor congresses are two independent activities. Therefore, only the patients that have the eligible professional qualification may participate on the medical congress and must also be registered in the medical congress through the following link: https://congreso-PANLAR.com/registro/. There will not be any logistics support for patients that attend the medical congress.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration is free.

Patient leaders professionally qualified to participate in the medical congress

In order for ASOPAN may know which are the patient leaders with professional qualifications (medical or communication graduates) that wish to participate in the medical congress, we kindly ask you to fill out the form in the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/tAk8Z9ogjVWg9yTu2

Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Meeting of Leading Patients and Group TOGETHER of PANLAR

0900 – 1200 Orchid Room D


The leaders of selected patient organizations representing PANLAR regions and members of the PANLAR TOGETHER Group will meet to create, review and approve a joint action plan to disseminate the manifesto.

The aspects contained in the Manifesto and the priorities for the region in the short, medium and long term will be discussed.

Specific program to be defined

Meeting of International Patient Organizations

1300 – 1700 Orchid Room D

Topic: Presentation and discussion of global experiences on working with patient organizations.


The international organizations of invited patients (Creaky JOINTS, ASOPAN, OAFI – Osteoarthritis Foundation International), will present practical experiences and stories of specific efforts that have helped to empower patients and improve the information and knowledge of rheumatic diseases in North America, Latin America and Spain.

Thusday, August 13, 2020
Virtual Patient Congress

0900 – 1600 Orchid Room D

Topic: Self-care in rheumatic diseases

Description: The topics will be based on the importance of self-management with rheumatic diseases and how it relates to the daily life of a patient with a rheumatic condition. The topics will be developed by the 13 leading patients chosen.

The courses will be played live on digital networks. A few days before the congress will be informed on how to connect to follow the Congress online.

The topics will be based on the expertise of each leading patient with the approval of PANLAR. Some examples of topics are:

Importance of Self-care (meaning and application)
Patient School
How to improve adhesion
Explanation about DMARDs
Healthy lifestyle habits (nutrition, exercise)
Communication with your rheumatologist
Emotion management
Patient Advocates (advocacy)
Alternative treatments attached to DMARD (CBD, naturopathy)


To pre-register for the Virtual Patient Congress click here:


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