Francisco Airton Castro da RochaBRASIL

    I am mainly a rheumatology clinician that has made a robust training in basic inflammation during my PhD training, leading me to work on basic research in arthritis models, particularly focusing inflammatory mediators and joint damage. I have more than 33 years of clinical expertise, with daily practice and teaching of rheumatology and internal medicine to medical students and residents. I also fully participate in continuing medical education programs of the Brazilian Society of Rheumatology. My current collaborations are with groups with focus on immunology/inflammation studying arthritis models as well as with a polymer group of the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Federal University of Ceará, studying glycosaminoglycans in Osteoarthritis. My current research focuses on osteoarthritis, glycosaminoglycans and innate immune mechanisms associated to helminths and autoimmune disease. I have also expertise as an advisor both to International and Brazilian Pharmaceutical industries as well as in producing training materials and presenting lectures.


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