Ingrid MollerESPAÑA

    Director of Instituto Poal Institute of Rheumatology from 1997 (ongoing).

    Rheumatologist at Hospital Platon (Barcelona, 2008- 2011)

    Academical activity:

    Associated professor of Anatomy, University of Barcelona from 2012 (ongoing)

    Associate professor of Medical Imaging, International. University of Catalunya from 2020 (ongoing)

    Invited professor at Sherbroocke University, Canadá (Musculoskeletal ultrasound) from 2015 (ongoing)

    Invited professor at Los Andes University (Musculoskeletal Ultrasound), Venezuela from 2006

    to 2017

    Director of the international master program in rheumatology and imaging in musculoskeletal system.

    (University of Barcelona)

    Director of various courses of experts in musculoskeletal ultrasound and in

    Sonointerventionism (University of Barcelona)

    Speaker at ACR (2017-2019): Anatomy of the day Societies membership and activities:


    Speaker at ACR from 2016-2018 (Anatomy day) Level 3 of EFSUMB musculoskeletal ultrasound

    Level 2 EULAR faculty of musculoskeletal ultrasound Founder of the EULAR working group “Anatomy for the image”

    Co-chair at the EULAR development of a standardized training model for ultrasound-guided

    synovial biopsy in small and large joints group Collaborating in EULAR’s recommendations of

    interventionism US and in lumbar pain (ongoing)

    Member of OMERACT, Ultrasound and anatomy related organizations, and teaching at national and international levels:

    Founder and organizer of SONOANATOMY courses (from 2007, ongoing) University of Barcelona,

    EFSUMB school, endorsed by EULAR Speaker at APLAR, PANLAR and different National

    Societies of Rheumatology Organizer of the various EULAR-endorsed

    courses/EFSUMB school: Basic, Intermediate ultrasound courses in many different countries

    (Emirates, Egypt, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Qatar, Colombia)

    Lectures and hands-on instructor on ultrasound courses in USA, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Hong Kong, China, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Norway, Finland, Denmark.

    Collaboration with Dhaka (Bangladesh) University in implementation of musculoskeletal ultrasound and guided procedures (from 2016-ongoing).


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